Avanti Designs Covid-19 Safety Procedures

  • All installers are employees and are trained and certified on CDC recommended safety guidelines.

  • Before leaving their home, our installers verify their temperature is below 100.4 degrees. If the temperature is outside this range, we reschedule your appointment.

  • Before our installer arrives, we ask our customers to clear furniture around each window to minimize the need for your installer to touch additional items in your home.

  • Before entering your home, our installer will unbox all products outside your home, sanitize their hands, and wipe down the window covering protective wrap and put on their mask and gloves.

  • While in your home, your installer wears face masks, shoe coverings, and disposable gloves. They will always maintain at least 6 feet of social distance. For additional safety, we suggest you remain in a separate room during most of the appointment. At the end of the appointment, we will ask for a verbal acceptance for a contactless completion of your installation.

  • Lastly, our installation team is trained on how to remove their gloves, handling and wearing face protection, proper handwashing as well as appropriate disposal and cleaning of items used during your appointment time.

  • For any questions or concerns, please contact us:
  • Nohemi & Karen
  • 469-274-5106
  • avantidesignstx@gmail.com